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The Forward Line

by Elliott Line

The Forward Line Europa Anderlecht HeaderThis game is away from home, and it is a game that we are capable of winning. We haven’t met Anderlecht since 2007 so in that regard, they are an unknown quantity.

The Forward Line Europa Anderlecht h2hI think we have a 70% chance of scoring, a 29% chance of scoring more than once, and a 44% chance of keeping a clean sheet.

151022 anderlecht graphsThe most likely scorelines are: a 1-0 win, a 1-1 draw, a 1-0 defeat and a 0-0 draw. Overall I have 45% for a Spurs win, 29% for a draw, and 26% for an Anderlecht win.

151022 anderlecht penboardNext game: Bournemouth vs. Spurs in the Premier League

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