The Tottenham Hotspur Family Podcast

A global Tottenham Hotspur podcast and viewpoint, by the fans for the fans.


Hosted by Javad Movahedi

S6EP27 “Suffering the blues” is now available to listen to and download on the links below, on iTunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud and PodBay. Just search for ‘The Tottenham Hotspur Family’

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4 comments on “Podcasts

  1. Matt the Yid

    Sorry, I like you guys but I had to comment after the outrageous opinions on the last pod. “I hope Sissoko did not go down because he didn’t fancy it” !!! SERIOUSLY? Did you actually watch the foul? He got properly creamed, smashed in the face and has diagnosed concussion. With all the furore around concussion at the moment I find it pretty disgusting to question a player’s commitment in such a circumstance. So a few Newcastle fans don’t like Sissoko, so what? Have you seen the state of their club recently? Sissoko is not the only player who struggled there last season.

    On top of that, you are ridiculously harsh on Sissoko (probably under the influence of Newcastle supporters). I suggest you watch the game again, as for the 1st 45 Sissoko had a good game and was heavily involved in most of our good attacking play. He did fade 2nd half, but he has had no pre-season, didn’t kick a ball for the 1st couple weeks of the season, and is getting used to his new team. With that in mind, I personally think he’s making Newcastle fans look a little silly.

    But that’s just opinion. What is not opinion is that the guy went off with concussion, which is bloody dangerous. For you guys to suggest otherwise is shocking.


    • javadmovahedi

      Thanks for listening firstly and also your comments. It’s a game of opinions and we all see things differently. As we commented on the last pod, there is a player there who will come good. He is finding his feet in a new team at the moment and will only become better and consistent in time and as you point out he’s not had a pre-season and is getting used to the team.


  2. Michael John

    There is a player there who will come good………..

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  3. Michael from Barnet

    On many occasions when Spurs are holding a one goal lead, Pochettino takes off an attacking player and replaces him with either Dier, Wanyama or Winks in order to hold on to the lead. It rarely seems to work. It just seems to invite the opposition on to us. Wouldn’t it be better just to replace an attacker with a fresh attacker or not do anything ?


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